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For the second year in a row, Pollywog Place was voted by the readers of the Northern Virginia Daily as SHENANDOAH COUNTY’S BEST DAYCARE! This year, we also received the honor of SHENANDOAH COUNTY’S BEST CHILD CARE FACILITY! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Pollywog Place!

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“Pollywog Place is fostering a love of learning in our daughter, Katherine. When a new unit is introduced, Katherine peppers Ms. Julie, her teacher, with questions. And then she comes home, and teaches us. We are thrilled that our daughter is in a place where learning is loved, and she will be more than prepared when she begins Kindergarten.”
~Kristen Harrod

“Our daughter, Isabelle, has thrived in Ms. Amanda’s pre-kindergarten classroom. As a program, the focus on hands-on learning, a more structured environment that introduces routines and procedures that will be followed in Kindergarten, and the attention given to developing reading readiness make this a wonderful opportunity for four-five year olds. As a teacher, Ms. Amanda excels in offering her students a nurturing, patient, safe environment where not only academic learning takes place, but social learning as well. Isabelle is beginning to read and write, and develop skills that will be needed next year in Kindergarten. Ms. Amanda guides her students through various situations and challenges in a loving, kind, supportive manner. We couldn’t be any happier with our decision to place Isabelle in this program. If Isabelle was asked what is her favorite part about Pollywog Place and Ms. Amanda’s class, she would quickly answer, ‘Eating lunch!’ Another plus!”
~Abby and Steve French

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“We love Pollywog Place! Our son begins to smile the minute we arrive, and that means more to us than words can express. Knowing our son is happy, well cared for, and truly loved by the staff brings us comfort and joy. We know as the years go by that he will continue to be provided with support, encouragement, and the best education possible.”
~ Renee & Michael Helm




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