Toddler Program (years one and two)

Toddlerhood is a time of great curiosity and discovery, which is sometimes aided by an insatiable energy. Our aim for this program is to respond to a toddler’s liveliness with this same kind of enthusiasm and spirit. Our teachers provide a creative environment that encourages inquisitive behavior and investigation.

This includes activities that stimulate imagination, like puzzles, blocks, books, songs and dramatic play. This kind of atmosphere provides an opportunity for your toddler to practice creative problem-solving, as well as strengthen gross and fine motor skills.

We also strive to create an environment that inspires toddlers to communicate their feelings and ideas as freely as possible. Our daily, interactive ‘circle time’ allows your little one the chance to build group participation skills, while also learning to vocalize his or her own, unique thoughts.

In addition, we will work closely with your toddler to learn self-help skills like sharing, hand-washing and picking up toys. Our patient teachers will work directly with parents to provide success with potty-training.

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