Preschool Program (years three and four)

By three years of age, your quickly-developing preschooler is a fully self-aware person. You may find that your little guy or girl is talking your ear off, or –  just as likely – it may be that he or she is a bit shy. While every child is unique, and thus, every learning experience unique, our mission for the Preschool Program is to provide a foundation for knowledge that will inspire confidence and a joy of learning.

One of our primary goals is to instill an interest in learning language. We do this by creating activities which guide students to recognize the relationship between sounds and letters. In addition, we hold group and individual role-playing sessions that cultivate listening and speaking skills.

Books are an integral part of the process, and your child will be exposed to a variety of literature and reading material on a daily basis. Not only does this stimulate audio and verbal engagement, but it helps to develop complex imaginative and creative experiences for your little one. In addition to language skills, we will work to create an early awareness of the writing process.

Just as important at this age is developing math and visuospatial skills. We do this by providing fun, hands-on sessions that teach basic principles using tangible material. We concentrate on building an awareness of colors, shapes, sizes and numbers, as well as recognizing patterns and similarities within group of objects.

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