The Pre-kindergarten Program is a special time for those children who have completed two years of Preschool, but are not able to begin Kindergarten because of their age. We recognize the immense opportunity during this time to boost your child’s learning and subject skills, as well as introduce a more structured environment.

With the right care, it can be a highly productive time for learning.

First and foremost, teachers will work with students on pre-reading skills. Becoming a successful reader is dependent upon a child’s experience in listening, speaking and writing. Our teachers will work with your child to learn letters in both print and auditory scenarios, as well as develop vocabulary, word-meanings and word-associations. Activities focused on phonological awareness and comprehension are also at the forefront of the program.

In addition to developing reading skills, your child will participate in hands-on math, science and social studies activities. All of these activities will be structured much like a normal day’s schedule in Kindergarten. This will give your child a head-start when making the transition into a classroom. It’s a big step for everyone, and our focus is to prepare your little guy or girl in the best way possible.

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