Infant Program

Infancy is a time of great change for both parents and baby. It’s a stage full of tremendous joy, and also unfamiliar challenges. We realize that having to part ways with your little one for any length of time, even if for a few hours, may not feel natural. For this reason, we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and baby.

Our foremost priority in caring for your infant is to provide a warm, safe environment. To ensure that your child feels secure and relaxed, our caring teachers will cuddle, play and talk to your child, just as you do at home. Not only will this create healthy, stimulating interaction, it will offer a sense of familiarity to your little guy or girl.

We will also work directly with you to develop a daily schedule for your baby. Following a routine is as important at this stage as any other, and we often find that infants who have a regular agenda are the happiest.

As your infant transitions into the toddler program, our focus will begin to shift into developing self-help and vocabulary skills, while continuing to provide a nurturing and attentive environment.

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